Welcome to Died - A Guide to Famous Deaths

Welcome to Died - A Guide to Famous Deaths! Famous deaths

A fact of life is that when you are born, you are dying. People often get caught up in there own world, and not give a thought to the people that are around them, or were around them. This site is intended to celebrate the lives of celebrities and infamous or powerful people, who have unfortunately, passed away.
We list the most influential deaths of this century, from politician deaths, celebrity deaths, deaths of geniuses and more.

This website is aimed to bring you a brief overview of Famous deaths, Celebrity deaths, Powerful people
We'll update this site as often as possible with all the latest news and views as soon as we know. Please come back regularly to see what's changed

''Death''' is the end of life, the full cessation of vital signs or vital functions in a biological organism. It is generally considered a permanent state in the field of biology, and all living things are believed to eventually die, whether through death by natural causes or natural causes such as disease, or unnatural death or unnatural ones such as accident.
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